Международная мультисистемная выставка кошек


Welcome to the web site monopedigree cattery Devon Rex "Welth House"!!!

My cattery is is located in Moscow, registered in Germany on system WCF (World Cat Federation)
Devon Rex - breed of domestic cats , which appeared in the UK in 1960 . The distinguishing feature of these lovely creatures - curly , soft short hair , amazing , extraordinary appearance, friendly nrav.Ochen alive, endowed with a happy character, independent, and at the same time friendly with other cats and can not sobakam.Terpet loneliness. Animal is very gentle , it is a pleasant fellow with a velvety , soft voice . This is a cat who does not walk alone , she is always there with you , it was the first meet you at the door , not only sit with you at your desk, but also actively take part in rabote.A evening , when the day retreats and vanity is almost time rest and sleep , with her muzzle in your hair at night promurchit your cat lullaby. You willingly give up the power of these in - magically charming " elf " , and in return they will give their unconditional love and devotion to you.

Best Regards,
Ekaterina Smirnova